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  • Day 23: Mastery of Life and Purpose #28DayChallenge

    Day 23: Mastery of Life and Purpose #28DayChallenge

    Hello! Thanks for coming by (again). If you’ve taken time to read any of the previous 22 posts on this 28-day journey, I want to say a big “Thank You”. Nothing motivates a writer like knowing there are readers on the other side taking their precious time to stop and read. And if this is […]

  • Death and Debtors

    Death and Debtors

    Today has been sad. I received two messages – one from a friend and the other from a colleague. The friend told me about a debt he’s being owed – and how the debtor is playing games with him instead of being sincere. The colleague told me about the death of another colleague, a lively […]

  • Urban Struggles

    Urban Struggles

    Failed ventures; broken dreams A lively city bursting at its very seams As many mingle sweat and tears Midday darkness crawls o’er your fears Tho’ at night you nearly fall apart Yet by morn never failing to look the part The day dawns: “March on, my heart”

  • A Meaning to Life

    A Meaning to Life

    What is this life?   A grasp for meaning A hustle for relevance A struggle for permanence Lest you become forgotten As quickly as you are gone

  • GrandMaster


    I am a Master, a GrandMaster.   I don’t master pieces of classical music, Or make classic moves with immobile chess pieces Nor do I build or create art masterpieces.

  • You are Mine

    You are my poem, a thousand words spinning meaning without reason, reason without meaning You are my prayer, a desire stronger than the longing of Jabez, deeper than the groans of Shiloh You are my passion, a fire burning in the inner recesses of the heart, consuming anything in its path   You are my […]

  • Even Great Men Struggle

    Sometimes I wonder how Elijah got to the point of telling God he wanted to die – the point where he felt he was no better than his fathers. He must have felt helpless. That moment of his life was no doubt an unbelievable contradiction. Here was a man who held a whole nation to […]