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  • Day 8: Triumphant Entry #28DayChallenge

    Day 8: Triumphant Entry #28DayChallenge

    Today is Day 8 of my 28-day blogging challenge, and it’s Palm Sunday. Happy Palm Sunday! It’s a beautiful day to be alive as we celebrate the Triumphant Entry in 2022. There are few days in history that hold a lasting significance as does this special day, celebrated by Christians all over the world. It […]

  • To The Immortal One

    To the Immortal One Who dwells in light unapproachable We bring our praise To the Invisible One Whose throne is founded on justice and righteousness We lift our hearts To the Unchangeable One Before whom darkness is plain as light We raise our hands To the Blameless One Whose holy eyes cannot behold iniquity We […]