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  • Waiting


    Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. (Psa. 27:14, NIV) I don’t like waiting. Whether for a divine promise or a human verdict, I like to see or experience the things I am expecting as soon as I am aware they are on the way. Waiting often feels […]

  • I Speak

    I Speak

    Raging winds shall soon be stillBowing to the Father’s perfect willChild of God, let your heart be stillAnd set your eyes on Calvary hill I speak to the weak: your strength will be restored, as you look up to the Lord. You may feel like you have expired, but there is a lot left in […]

  • Memories, Hopes and Dreams

    Memories, Hopes and Dreams

    I should have written this long agoWhen the red dust of AbakalikiBlown by the hot humid airSettled on my tender, innocent faceAnd coloured my eyelashes brownWhen the hot, unforgiving sunBeat down on me without mercyAnd adjusted my complexionFrom a brightly coloured versionTo a darker shade of fairAnd oft times the heavy rainsWeighed down in quick […]

  • Of Memory and Music, Love and Expectation

    Hello there! It’s been a few days since I posted here; busy with work and writing too. It usually takes a lot of hard work to put up something I find worthy of reading or which captivates my own attention. And I have a few pieces of poetry I have been working on – I […]

  • Hope

    Written by Joy Ijere For over thirty weeks and six When the food turns bitter-sweet And all the clothes no longer fit She bears the pain and counts the weeks Through the cold, through the heat She knows for sure where it will lead For little hands and little feet Soon from her will be […]