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  • To Break a Man

    To Break a Man

    No man was ever too hard for God’s Love to breakOnly by everlasting wisdom does He decide in Himself Who in His mercy He would draw to come see the LightAnd who in judgment He forsakes to depths of darknessIn the mire of his sins and hardness of his heartGod would easily convert the wicked […]

  • In Love

    In Love

    Like a freshly blooming daisy, you came and Lit up my world Smiling brightly and laughing heartily, with Twinkling eyes And talkative eyelashes and beautiful teeth.   Beautiful teeth Were the reason I fell in love with a queen and Your tender heart Was the reason I stayed in love with a woman Of great […]

  • Why does my heart beat so?

    Why does my heart beat so? When thoughts of you do cross my mind Why does my heart beat so? When mention of your name is made Everywhere I see your face And when it’s you I think I see Why does my heart beat so? Toyin Taiwo © 2012