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  • Day 12: Judas, Betrayer #28DayChallenge

    Day 12: Judas, Betrayer #28DayChallenge

    Thanks for joining me today again. As we come upon Easter, it feels fitting for me to reflect on some of the themes around the death and crucifixion of Jesus. I would like to zoom in on a character that has received extended treatment and analysis over the centuries: Judas. Judas’ role in the arrest […]

  • The Price

    The Price

    No more wordsCan be spoken.Power changed handsWhen MammonMoved from one to anotherAnd virtue’s roaringWas silencedWhile greed quietlyPrevailed as conscienceWas put to sleep.Tears arrive lateAs the long arms ofOf WickednessWreak untold havoc.The lambs can now be slainIn quietness:The price has been paid Toyin Taiwo, August 2020