Tag: fear

  • Afraid


    Lately, I have been afraid and anxious, mostly in relation to work performance and the possibility of falling below expectations. I find it interesting that it took me a while to realize that I am scared – almost as though the feelings were buried beneath my daily routines, bubbling below the surface and affecting my […]

  • Losing Fear

    I was a captive. Of fear. My fears – they held me by the throat And threatened to let me go If I ventured beyond the boundaries They lovingly set for me. You see, I was raised to court safety To keep a safe distance from trouble To use my senses, and ensure I am […]

  • Love Comes Softly

    Love comes softly, like a gentle breeze at dusk Hate kills quickly, like an elephant’s tusk Fear creeps slowly, like a snake upon its prey Faith goes boldly, not afraid to work and pray