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  • To The Immortal One

    To the Immortal One Who dwells in light unapproachable We bring our praise To the Invisible One Whose throne is founded on justice and righteousness We lift our hearts To the Unchangeable One Before whom darkness is plain as light We raise our hands To the Blameless One Whose holy eyes cannot behold iniquity We […]

  • Death and Debtors

    Death and Debtors

    Today has been sad. I received two messages – one from a friend and the other from a colleague. The friend told me about a debt he’s being owed – and how the debtor is playing games with him instead of being sincere. The colleague told me about the death of another colleague, a lively […]

  • Peace


    “Stormy days and troubled nights are borneOnly by souls secured on an anchor eternalUnafraid, unshaken, and surely not dismayedThey ride the storms, sleep through the nights Darkness brings doubt, and shakings cause fearWhile some run around, others simply melt awayBut he who trusts the Lord is like Zion, unmovingSupported underneath by the Everlasting Arms”