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  • The Home Stretch

    The Home Stretch

    Last Sunday, I observed my toddler drifting off to sleep on our way back from church. He’s always determined, it seems, to stay awake through the journey home, a journey of about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the traffic condition. On the drive home, I glance back a few times to check if he’s […]

  • Celebrate the Difference

    Yellow. And Red Green. And Blue Cream. And Coffee Milk. And Chocolate White and Black and You and Me And everything that’s in between Contrast and complement Within the space that fills the earth. The space. That fills That occupies. Unseen Untouched. Unmoved. Unchanging. Unending Transforming. Upending So we are treading. Softly Unknowing. Uncertain We […]

  • Oh Jesus I Have Promised

    O Jesus, I have promised, To serve Thee to the end; Be Thou forever near me, My Master and my Friend; I shall not fear the battle, If Thou art by my side, Nor wander from the pathway, If Thou wilt be my Guide.   Oh, let me feel Thee near me; The world is […]