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  • Day 19: Persistence #28DayChallenge

    Day 19: Persistence #28DayChallenge

    For the last two weeks, schools have been on holiday. The weighty implication of this fact could not be more obvious to me than it has recently. This is thanks to my hyperactive 3-year-old who has to constantly be engaged, failing which no one in the house will get any rest. His preferred activity is […]

  • Memories, Hopes and Dreams

    Memories, Hopes and Dreams

    I should have written this long agoWhen the red dust of AbakalikiBlown by the hot humid airSettled on my tender, innocent faceAnd coloured my eyelashes brownWhen the hot, unforgiving sunBeat down on me without mercyAnd adjusted my complexionFrom a brightly coloured versionTo a darker shade of fairAnd oft times the heavy rainsWeighed down in quick […]

  • Deeds Undone

    Deeds Undone

    The words we left unsaid, are those we remember the best The moments we let go by, when our fears, of us, had the best The chances we never took, when we worried we could lose Those trips we never took, while trying to fit in others’ shoes