On Repentance towards Others

In every healthy human relationship, there must be a good dose of a repentant attitude on both sides. We are constantly learning about each other, and finding out things about our friends, families and colleagues. If we are not disposed to “repent” or make changes, we are very likely to keep hurting or offending people we claim to love. We must commit to doing better when we fall short, and our commitment has to be backed up by the right actions. This is the language of true love – making sacrifices for the sake of other people.

On the other hand, the absence of true repentance gives room for breeding of mistrust. We humans are creatures of habit and judgment. We watch patterns and make deductions. When you don’t make changes after you claim to be sorry or repentant, you send a clear message that you do not mean your words. Whether they pick on it quickly or not, people remember, and when the great occasion comes when you need their trust, they will call to mind your behaviour. It is very important that we consciously commit to learning and evolving in every relationship.

The Unusual Poem

Let us write a poem, you and I

One that adheres to no rules

That behaves like no other poem

You have ever come across

It will trace the path that we walk

And tell the stories of our lives

To generations yet unborn

This poem of ours will not be read

Only its story will be told

It will become the stuff of myths:

The poem that never was read,

That never could be read

That even re-wrote itself

It will change its form

Every time we meet to write

It will never have a form

It will never have a name:

Only its story will be told

Toyin Taiwo © 2015