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  • Day 2: The Author #28DayChallenge

    Day 2: The Author #28DayChallenge

    Welcome to Day 2. In case you’re just joining me or have randomly stumbled upon this blog post, this is the second of what I intend to be twenty-eight consecutive posts on my blog, one for every passing day. I started yesterday with some reflections on my journey into writing and blogging. I want to […]

  • Day 1: The Writer #28DayChallenge

    Day 1: The Writer #28DayChallenge

    I have decided to start a challenge to post on my blog for twenty-eight days continuously, starting today. This challenge should take me to the end of April 2022 and will stretch me beyond my longest blogging streak, which I think is four or five days. My goal is to improve my writing and increase […]