Unrequited Love

What do you do when the one you love, loves another?

Do you plead for love, or quietly nurse your pain?

Do you wait in hope, or just simply walk away?

Do you silently pray and wish the ache would just abate?

Or do you gather with friends and drink your sorrow away?

Even though it remains, soon as you wake again

What do you do, when your heart is set upon a lost cause?

Toyin Taiwo, 2020

Understanding the Times

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Welcome, dear reader, to my blog 😊. Today, I am sharing on the vital subject of time. The verse of the Bible quoted above, arguably one of the most quoted verses or portions of the Bible, reveals a timeless piece of wisdom that speaks to our daily lives more than we care to admit. Now especially, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that is transforming the way we live, work, think, behave and congregate, I find it most crucial to reflect on the importance of understanding the times as we wade and waddle through the murky waters of our new realities.

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Hello! Welcome to my blog; I’m glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy this poem and hopefully, other posts. Don’t forget to like, leave a comment and share with others if you enjoy it. Cheers!    

Sickness and tears; joy and laughter; sorrow and health
Quietly line your streets as the days slip away
From the ones who purse their lips in endless pursuit
Of nothingness – the things we all boast about
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Lessons My Father Taught Me

Happy Father’s Day!

To all the wonderful men holding it together, working round the year and making sacrifices to provide their families with basic necessities, give their children an education and raise them to become responsible adults through care, nurture and discipline, we celebrate you today! I am privileged to have been fathered by a well-grounded man, one I believe God chose, along with my mother, for the very purpose of preparing me for life. And on this special day, I would like to share three lessons my father taught me. Continue reading “Lessons My Father Taught Me”

I Speak

Raging winds shall soon be still
Bowing to the Father’s perfect will
Child of God, let your heart be still
And set your eyes on Calvary hill

I speak to the weak: your strength will be restored, as you look up to the Lord. You may feel like you have expired, but there is a lot left in your life. Great times are ahead of you; you just need to draw from the everlasting well of life and renew your inner strength for the journey ahead. Continue reading “I Speak”

Memories, Hopes and Dreams

I should have written this long ago
When the red dust of Abakaliki
Blown by the hot humid air
Settled on my tender, innocent face
And coloured my eyelashes brown
When the hot, unforgiving sun
Beat down on me without mercy
And adjusted my complexion
From a brightly coloured version
To a darker shade of fair
And oft times the heavy rains
Weighed down in quick retaliation
And soaked me up to the calves
In yellow muddied waters
As though I were a battleground
On which the elements contend
Yes, I should have written this back then

When the days never seemed to end
And the nights quickly passed you by
You could never tell what happened
If things were fast or they were slow
There were only blurred memories
Of rural life and township style
Traders’ shops, Meat markets
Building sites, Local restaurants
Public schools, Government offices
The ministries of this and of that
Wealth and affluence that was
Sparsely spread among deep poverty
Then there were flurried imaginations
Of a better life somewhere out there
Dreams of posh cars, the good life
Healthier people, better education and
A hopeful life for every young person

Somehow the seasons had to change
And bring difference to this place
Or take us away to a different place
We had passion and commitment
And many dreams and visions, of which
Some survived and others died
There were troublemakers, smiling faces
And a hope that things were at an end
All those things did come to an end
But now we bear like a stamp
In our hearts and our minds
The memories of those times
And the effects of our experiences
Unyielding to the endless tug of time
Remain a mark on our souls and
Testify to a place and a time
That once was and will always be


Lately, I have been afraid and anxious, mostly in relation to work performance and the possibility of falling below expectations. I find it interesting that it took me a while to realize that I am scared – almost as though the feelings were buried beneath my daily routines, bubbling below the surface and affecting my effectiveness but not clearly identified as an issue I needed to deal with. You could say I was unconsciously afraid. Have you ever been unconsciously afraid?

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Little Boy

Welcome to my blog, and it’s poetry time! I hope you enjoy this piece below. The title says it all, and I’ll give nothing else away. Please like and share with others, and I’m always happy to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Cheers!

Little boy, Little boy

Little boy runs away from me
Sprinting with tiny baby feet
He wants to play hide and seek
Or just maybe run and catch
Apart from running all day long
All he does is eat and sleep Continue reading “Little Boy”